When and How to Start Tomato Seeds Indoors 

Try your favorite tomato varieties from seed—it's easy and cheap. Here are some considerations:

Select Your Preferred Tomato Seed

Dampening the potting mix before adding it to containers is often more efficient. Work water into the soil. Continue adding water until the mix is compact but not leaking. Finger-poking should tear it apart.

Prepare the Containers for Planting

Dig a 1/4-inch potting mix furrow. Next, scatter two to three seeds into the furrow and cover with potting mix. To ensure seed contact with soil, gently pat the mix. If the surface feels dry, sprinkle it with water.

Plant the Tomato Seed

Keep tomato seedlings warm, moist, and lit with grow lamps. Rotate plants that tilt one way. Feed tomato seedlings when they have real leaves.

Care for the Tomato Seedling

Pot the seedlings in larger containers when they're 2–3 inches tall and have a few genuine leaves. 3- to 4-inch pots are ideal, but if you can't plant them outdoors, you may have to upgrade.

Pot the Tomato Seedling

Wait until a cold, gloomy day to plant your tomatoes in the garden. To grow new roots along the buried stem, plant them deeper than in their pots.

Transplant the Seedlings Outdoor

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