What Can I Grow in a Cold Frame in the Winter? 

Salad greens are the easiest vegetable to frame-grow. Cool weather helps them sprout and flourish, and they harvest quickly.

Salad Greens 

Cool-weather crops like spinach grow well in cold frames. Like salad greens, it grows quickly. Tender baby spinach leaves can be harvested 21 days after sowing.


Radishes love cool weather and grow quickly. Especially if you like soft tiny radishes. Some kinds are ready to pick a month after planting.


Sow radishes 1/4" deep in loose, nutritious soil when growing in frames. Radishes thrive from fresh compost placed into the soil before planting. This loosens the soil for healthy root growth and supplies nutrients.

The health benefits of eating kale regularly are hard to top. It's high in Vitamin C and one of the finest antioxidant vegetables.


Nothing can be better in winter soups and roasts than the taste of fresh onion! Baby onions, green onions and scallions all perform well in a cold frame environment. 

Baby Onions  

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