Weight Loss What is the cabbage soup diet?

Could cabbage soup help you lose weight? We look at how the diet works, what its main steps are, and what problems it might cause.  


Simple: the cabbage soup diet is calorie-restricted, low-fat, and high-fiber. The diet restricts calories by eating fewer foods and fiber-rich soups.   

1. How does the cabbage soup diet work?

This diet is for seven days only and should not be followed long-term. Low-calorie foods like fruit, vegetables, and skimmed milk accompany homemade cabbage soup.  

2. How to follow the cabbage soup diet

This diet restricts carb-rich and high-fat foods. The programme restricts certain foods to certain days.  

3. What foods are avoided on the cabbage soup diet?

Although cabbage soup eaters have a healthier weight and a balanced diet, there are no randomised clinical trials to support its efficacy.   

4. What’s the evidence for the cabbage soup diet?

This seven-day diet may cause weight loss, but it will be mostly fluid. In seven days, you cannot lose 4.5kg of body fat.  

5. Can the cabbage soup diet aid weight loss?

Being a highly restrictive diet for only seven days, the cabbage soup diet may cause some people to feel light-headed and dizzy due to its low calorie content.  

6. Is the cabbage soup diet healthy? Our nutritionist’s view

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