Weight Loss What is the 80/20 rule diet?

Long-term weight loss is difficult and risky. The 80/20 rule diet recognizes that many of us find 100% diet compliance unrealistic and unattainable over time.  


Healthier eating plans should meet nutritional guidelines and meet personal nutritional needs for 80% of followers.   

1. How does the 80/20 rule diet work?

These guidelines usually recommend eating five servings of vegetables and fruit, whole grains over refined grains, more fish, poultry, beans, and pulses than red meat, and lower-fat dairy or dairy alternatives.  

The 80/20 rule diet is flexible, so you can adapt it to your lifestyle.  

2.How to calculate the 80/20 rule

If you eat three meals a day, 17 would be healthy and the other four may include occasional foods or a restaurant or social meal.  

You could also look at the plan daily, with 80% healthy food and 20% for treats like biscuits with coffee and desserts after dinner.  

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