Weight Lose: What is the macro diet?

Recently, the macro diet has become popular because it emphasizes foods that meet your daily macronutrient (‘macro’) needs. Instead of counting calories, macronutrients are tracked.   


Macronutrients provide energy and support many bodily functions, so we need to consume them in large amounts.  

How do low-GI diets work?


There are many macro diet variations, but they all classify calories by macronutrients: carbs, protein, and fat.  

Is a low-GI diet good for you?


A nutrition app may be needed for any split. This will help you log and track your meals and understand how protein, fat, and carbs affect your calorie intake.  

Do low-GI diets work for weight loss?


Many followers like that all foods are allowed as long as they fit within your macro targets, unlike strict calorie control or food group elimination.  

A nutritionist’s view


After six months, manipulating macronutrients may lead to modest weight loss and improve heart disease risk factors, especially blood pressure, but by 12 months, these effects are gone.  

Does a low-GI diet work?


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