Weight Lose: What is a Mediterranean diet?

Recent debates have focused on whether fat or sugar is the worst diet offender. However, focusing on individual dietary components can obscure the bigger picture.  


The MedDiet promotes Mediterranean cuisine from Spain, Greece, Italy, and France.  

What is a Mediterranean diet?


This diet has ongoing health benefits, so certain foods may become more important. The diet and combination of foods seem healthy for now, not individual ‘superfoods’.    

How does the Mediterranean diet work?


Although the UK is far from the Mediterranean, this diet can be adopted without major changes. The MedDiet is food selection, preparation, and consumption guidelines, not a diet.     

How to follow a Mediterranean diet


The MedDiet allows balanced vegetarianism. This diet emphasizes healthy, whole, fresh, and seasonal fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.    

Can the Mediterranean diet be vegetarian?


Although not designed for weight loss, the MedDiet has shown impressive weight loss and management over time.  

Does the Mediterranean diet work for weight loss?


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