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You can create beginner, advanced, and specialized workouts like pregnancy and bodybuilding programs depending on your audience.

Create and Sell Workout Program

You can take photos of people before, during, and after their workouts, make promotional videos for fitness brands, make online fitness tutorials, or shoot videos for bodybuilding competitions or marathons.

Fitness Photography & Videography

Fitness trainers create and teach individualized exercise programs for gyms, health clubs, and private clients. A NASM or ACE-accredited program certifies personal trainers.

Become a Personal Trainer

You could make money combining your writing and fitness skills. Fitness writing includes writing for magazines and blogs.

Write for Fitness Blogs and Magazine

Fitness professionals often offer meal plans. These are great ways to diversify your income if you know nutrition or meal planning.

Offer Customized Meal Plan

Digital books are more accessible and affordable than paperbacks, making them popular. If you know nutrition, exercise science, wellness, or other fitness topics, write an e-book!

Write E-book

Virtual training apps that offer customized workouts without leaving home are also popular. If the right audience uses them, developing these apps can be profitable!

Develop Fitness App

If you have the resources and desire to start your own business, opening a gym or fitness studio could cash in on the fitness industry. 

Open Your Own Gym/Studio

If you want more control over your work schedule, you can rent space from a gym or studio and teach classes without going through the hiring process.

Teach Group Classe

You just need some basic audio equipment and a commitment to regularly posting new content so listeners have something new each week.

Start A Podcast

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income if you already have a health and fitness-related website or blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Stocking up on quality nutritional supplements is a surefire way to make money because athletes and fitness freaks use them for performance and recovery.

Sell Supplements & Apparel

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