Top 10 Hard to Kill House plants 

Don't let your lack of green thumb stop you from enjoying houseplants' benefits. There are several low-maintenance houseplants that bring beauty and purify the air, boosting your body and spirit.  

Wide, glossy philodendron leaves give your living area a burgundy or golden yellow tint. Colorful, low-maintenance philodendrons are McColley's Finale and Prince of Orange. Cut back, stake upright variants, or wind the leaf around this fast-growing houseplant.  

1. Philodendron

Even in January, geraniums blossom in every color and more. Try pine, peppermint, or nutmeg-scented scented-leaf geraniums to bring more than color to your home.  

2. Geranium

Rosette succulents and flowered sempervivums are lovely. These hardy little creatures need strong light and can multiply from one plant. This succulent's sole problem is mealybugs that spread to neighboring plants.

3. Hens and Chick

Want the look of an agave plant in miniature? Try family-friendly aloe. This unusual succulent thrives on south-facing windowsills, although east- and west-facing windows work too. Clustering many aloe kinds in a container creates a unique effect. 

4. Aloe

Due to slow growth and no indoor blooms, ZZ plant is simple. Its glossy green foliage and tall, palm-like stalks compensate for its uninspiring appearance. Start with a mature ZZ plant to maximize its success in indirect light from an east- or west-facing window. 

5. ZZ Plant

Use Norfolk Island pines to make a tiny evergreen forest. The delicate, fluffy needles make this living tree friendlier than most. It will grow into a little tree, but keeping it firmly potted will slow it. Grow it in bright light and wet soil. 

6. Norfolk Island Pine

Thanksgiving cactus is one of the few plants that evokes holiday remembrance. This cactus blooms in midwinter with big, multicolored flowers. Keep Thanksgiving cactus simple by watering it when its soil is dry for optimal results. 

7. Thanksgiving Cactu

Why haworthia is called the zebra plant? Its white, stripey leaves stand out in a throng. Since it needs little water and thrives in most light conditions, though a south-facing window is ideal, this houseplant is attractive and durable. 

8. Haworthia

There are thousands of carex species in diverse forms and sizes, yet none are bad. They'll delight you with their graceful grass-like blades. You'll need a large pot for a larger variety like Ice Ballet (C. morrowii), but start with one size larger to avoid root rot. 

9. Carex

With its broad green foliage and pink-then-purple blossoms, a medinilla will draw attention. Provide a strong container and a south-facing window for this showpiece houseplant, which will grow to the size of a small citrus tree (depending on type). 

10. Medinilla

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