Top 10 Edible Flowering Plants for Home Cooks to Grow 

Grow tasty flowers to boost your garden and food. These delightful additions enhance your garden and food with color, flavor, and texture. The 10 tasty flowering plants every home cook should grow:  

Nasturtiums are loved for their bright flowers and spicy leaves, which can be used to decorate salads, add to sandwiches, or flavor vinegars.  

1. Nasturtium

Calendula, which is also called pot marigold, has bright orange or yellow flowers that can be used to color soups, salads, or plant teas.  

2. Calendula

Borage flowers taste a bit like cucumber and can be used to decorate desserts, freeze in ice cubes, or add to drinks as a garnish.  

3. Borage

Johnny jump-ups, also known as violas, are tiny flowers with a slightly sweet taste that look great on cakes, in salads, or floating in drinks.  

4. Viola

Lavender flowers are known for having sweet blooms. They can be used to add a light floral scent to syrups, sugars, or baked goods.  

5. Lavender 

People love chamomile flowers because they can help calm you down. You can make a soothing tea from them or use them to decorate desserts.  

6. Chamomile 

Bergamot flowers, which are also called bee balm flowers, have a spicy taste and can be added to salads, oils, or vinegars to make them more interesting.  

7. Bee Balm

You can sprinkle chives flowers on top of omelets, salads, or make compound butters with them because they taste like mild onion.  

8. Chive 

Rose petals are very fragrant and can be used to make floral syrups and jams. They can also be used to dress up desserts, salads, and even savory meals.  

9. Rose 

The blooms of marigolds have a sour taste and bright color that make them perfect for adding to salads, soups, or herbal teas.  

10. Marigold

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