Top 10 Edging Plants for Three Seasons of Color 

Enjoy edging plants. They may paint your shed, house, fence, or screen. Use many plants for maximum results. Add height-ranging border perennials for spring-to-fall color. Contrast delicate foliage and blossoms with powerful ones. Time to conquer edges! 

Charm this perennial favorite for three seasons. Aromatic, large flowers and multi-season leaves attract. Watch the leaves turn crimson in spring, rich green in summer, and purple red in October. Buckeye belle has sturdy, stake-free stems. 

1. Peony

Early summer spikes of azure blooms on purple-black stems top the fragrant green leaves. Deadhead fading flowers to prolong summer bloom. Though it enjoys full sun and moist, well-drained soil, it can endure drought, heat, and humidity. 

2. Caradonna Salvia

This spring blooming native has exquisite foliage with light blue, star-shaped blooms. In the fall, the leaves turn yellow-gold and shine. Grow this 3-foot plant in full light for optimal results. Avoid shade and overfertilization for droopy growth. 

3. Willow Amsonia

Garden phlox brightens summer and fall borders in the middle or back. Fragrant white, pink, crimson, blue, or purple blossoms. Choose powdery mildew-resistant types and grow in broad sun to moderate shade in moist, well-drained soil. 

4. Garden Phlox

This tall North American natural grass has beautiful foliage and late summer pale pink flowers. Fall and winter delight is extended by persistent seed heads and yellow fall color. Heavy Metal, Northwind, or Shenandoah are garden-friendly clumping varieties. 

5. Switchgrass

This plant looks great in the middle or back of the border due to its size and delicate texture. Late summer to fall bring tiny white daisy-like blossoms. To avoid staking, grow in full sun and well-drained soil. 

6. Snowbank False Aster

Garden border plants go beyond the front. Tall summer-blooming border perennials add color and vertical appeal to the middle or back. Hummingbirds love the foliage's bicolored bell-shaped blooms. This sunny border plant tolerates heat, humidity, and drought. 

7. Dark Towers Beardtongue

Highlight the border with long-blooming coreopsis. Ferns complement little daisies. This tiny coreopsis adds color alone or in front of other border plants. Partitioning keeps this perennial blooming with minimum deadheading. 

8. Zagreb Coreopsi

The 6- to 12-inch blooms of this back-of-the-border plant will thrill you all summer and fall. In full sun to moderate shade, grow in damp soil. A last-spring perennial. Mark its location with a stake or spring flowering bulbs to avoid damage during spring cleanup. 

9. Hardy Hibiscus

Purple or white bloom spikes offer vertical flair to flower gardens and bouquets. This 4-foot native perennial thrives in damp meadows and marshes and enjoys full sun and well-drained soil. If you prefer compact edging plants, use Kobold. 

10. Blazing Star

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