Top 10 Easy Plants for Kids to Grow

Gardening with kids is enjoyable and instructive. Plants and environment are loved as responsibility and patience are taught. Here are 10 easy plants kids may grow with little effort and loads of fun.  

Seed-grown sunflowers grow swiftly and tall. Growing tall and blooming with bright, colorful flowers that attract birds and pollinators will delight kids.  

1. Sunflowers 

Marigolds are easy-to-grow annual blooms in vivid orange, yellow, and red. These are great for teaching kids about seed germination and flower care.  

2. Marigolds 

Radishes grow quickly and can be harvested in weeks. Radish seeds grow quickly, making them great for impatient young gardeners.  

3. Radishes

Nasturtiums are peppery, colorful edible blooms. They grow easily from seeds and thrive in varied situations, making them fun for kids' gardening.  

4. Nasturtiums 

Kids can sow pea seeds and watch them grow into towering vines with tasty pods. They educate kids plant care and harvesting.  

5. Peas

Cherry tomatoes are compact and productive, producing small, tasty fruits. Growing tomatoes in pots or garden beds lets kids harvest and eat fresh tomatoes.  

6. Cherry Tomatoes

Kids can cultivate perennial strawberries in containers or patches. Sweet, luscious fruits and perennial crop care are taught to children.  

7. Strawberries 

Kids can cultivate aromatic basil from seeds or starter plants. It loves sunny spots and adds taste to salads, spaghetti, and pizza, encouraging kids to try new meals.  

8. Basil

Zinnias are colorful annuals that grow easily from seeds. Young gardeners love them because they attract butterflies and are brightly colored.  

9. Zinnias 

Kids may cultivate resilient mint in containers or garden beds. Its pleasant smell makes it ideal for herbal teas for flavoring drinks and pastries.  

10. Mint

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