Top 10 Classic Yellow Flowers to Grow

Yellow flowers enhance gardens and landscapes. They symbolize happiness, joy, and camaraderie, thus gardeners who want to brighten their outdoor environments prefer them.   

Sunflowers are popular with gardeners and nature lovers for their huge, vivid yellow blossoms and tall height. They're easy to grow and provide a striking garden focal point.  

1. Sunflower 

Marigolds' bright yellow and orange blossoms are famous. Planting them is simple and attracts beneficial insects to your yard.  

2. Marigold

Yellow trumpet-shaped daffodils are a spring staple. Early spring gardens are brightened by these perennial bulbs that naturalize wonderfully.  

3. Daffodil

Yellow petals with dark brown cores give these daisy-like blooms their name. Bees and butterflies visit these drought-tolerant plants.  

4. Black-eyed Susan

Coreopsis, sometimes known as tickseed, is a perennial with abundant summer yellow flowers. They grow easily and are great for borders and large plantings.  

5. Coreopsis

The tropical shrub lantana has clusters of small, bright yellow flowers that attract butterflies. It lives in warm areas and brightens gardens and containers.  

6. Lantana

Goldenrod is pollinated by insects, not wind, thus it doesn't trigger allergies. Its fluffy plumes of small yellow blooms make this tall perennial plant stand out in gardens and pastures.  

7. Goldenrod

Elegant perennial yellow irises have sword-like leaves and huge yellow flowers. They thrive in moist soil and lend elegance to water gardens and moist landscapes.  

8. Yellow Iris

Bright yellow zinnias are available. They grow easily from seed, blossom prolifically in summer, and make great cut flowers for bouquets.  

9. Zinnia

These biennials have exquisite golden evening-opening flowers, thus their name. These drought-tolerant plants attract moths and bees.  

10. Evening Primrose

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