The Top 10 Best Companion Plants for Roses 

Rose gardens with companion plants look better and help balance the ecosystem. Here are the top 10 rose companion plants with brief descriptions:  

Lavender flowers smell great with roses, and they also bring pollinators like bees and butterflies, which helps your garden's pollination.  

1. Lavender 

Catmint is a perennial plant that doesn't need much care and keeps pests like aphids away while bringing good bugs like ladybirds that help get rid of pests naturally.  

2. Catmint 

Geraniums add colour to your rose garden and keep bugs away, like Japanese beetles, so your roses stay healthy.  

3. Geraniums 

Salvia plants bring in hummingbirds and bees, which helps your garden's pollination and gives your roses more vertical interest.  

4. Salvia 

Dianthus, which are also called carnations, look lovely next to roses and draw good bugs like lacewings and hoverflies.  

5. Dianthus 

Alliums, like decorative onions, have a strong smell that keeps pests away, like deer and aphids. This makes them great plants to grow with roses.  

6. Alliums

Alyssum is a low-growing ground cover that makes a pretty flower carpet around your roses and draws pollinators and good bugs.  

7. Alyssum 

Many people grow marigolds in their gardens because they keep worms and aphids away while adding bright flowers.  

8. Marigolds 

The fluffy leaves and flat-topped flowers of yarrow attract bugs that eat pests, which keeps your rose garden healthy.  

9. Yarrow 

Lily of the Valley is a fragrant ground plant that keeps weeds down and gives your rose garden a touch of class.  

10. Lily of the Valley

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