The Best Types of Evergreen Trees and How to Care for Them 

Evergreen trees provide color, texture, and structure year-round. Selecting and caring for evergreen trees can improve your yard and extend their life. The top three evergreens and their care:  

Blue spruce stands out in any scene with its blue-gray needles and conical shape. How to care for blue spruces:  

1. Blue Spruce 

Sunlight and good drainage are needed. In a hole larger than the root ball, plant the tree at nursery depth. Water regularly, especially in dry seasons, to avoid waterlogging. Base mulch retains moisture.   

Eastern red cedar is a hardy evergreen with fragrant foliage and berry-like cones. Tips for Eastern red cedar care:  

2. Eastern Red Cedar  

Choose a sunny, well-draining spot. Plant the tree at nursery depth and space other trees by maturity. New trees need frequent irrigation until established. Eastern red cedars need heavy soakings but are drought-tolerant after establishing.  

Arborvitae's dense growth and little maintenance make it a popular hedge and screen plant. To care for arborvitae trees:  

3. Arborvitae 

Drain soil and get enough sun. Arborvitae trees thrive when spaced by maturity width. Keep soil hydrated, especially in dry seasons. Mulch the base to prevent weeds and wetness.  

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