The Best Potting Soil for Every Type of Plant 

Suitable potting soil helps indoor and outdoor plants grow. Since plants need diverse soil, high-quality potting mix helps them thrive. Choose the best potting soil for each plant with this guide:  

Ideal for: Most houseplants, annuals, and perennials. Features: Well-draining, nutrient-rich blend for many plants. Components: Vermiculite, composted bark, perlite, peat.  

1. General-Purpose Potting Mix

Ideal for: Cacti, succulents, and drought-tolerant plants. Features: Rapid-draining mix prevents root rot and promotes growth. Components: Perlite, gravel, sand, and gritty organic debris.  

2. Cactus and Succulent Mix

Ideal for: Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium orchids. Features: Orchid roots breathe in loose, well-aerated mix. Components: Sphagnum moss, perlite, charcoal, bark chips.  

3. Orchid Mix

Ideal for: African violets, gesneriads. Features: Mix for moisture-sensitive plants that retains moisture yet drains well. Components: Sphagnum moss, perlite, vermiculite, peat.  

4. African Violet Mix

Ideal for: Potted citrus, fruit, and other fruiting plants. Features: Nutrient-rich, well-drained mix for strong roots. Components: Compost, perlite, peat, and slow-release fertilizers.  

5. Citrus and Fruit Tree Mix

Ideal for: Plants that like acid: azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons. Features: Grows well with acidic pH and improved nutrition. Components: Adjusting pH with peat moss, pine bark, perlite, and sulfur.  

6. Acid-Loving Plant Mix

Ideal for: Growing seeds and seedlings. Features: Fine-textured, bright, and aerated for seedling growth. Components: Vermiculite, perlite, compost, peat.  

7. Seed Starting Mix

Ideal for: Edible herbs, vegetables, and plants. Features: Nutrient-rich, well-draining combination for healthy roots. Components: Peat moss, perlite, compost, organic materials.  

8. Herb and Vegetable Mix

Ideal for: Roses, shrubs, and perennials. Features: Nutrient-rich blend for brilliant blooms. Components: Compost, perlite, peat, and slow-release fertilizers.  

9. Rose and Flowering Plant Mix

Ideal for: Ferns, greenery, and tropicals. Features: Aerated, moisture-retentive mix for lush greenery. Components: Coconut coir, composted bark, peat, and perlite.  

10. Fern and Foliage Plant Mix

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