The 5 Simple Secrets To Starting Peppers From Seed! 

Peppers, from sweet bell to spicy chili, add variety and flavor to any garden. Growing peppers from seed lets you test various types and ensures healthy transplants. Five essential pepper seed starting tips.  

Start pepper seedlings inside 8-10 weeks before frost. Peppers mature all season when planted early.Peppers like heat. A heat mat at 75-85°F (24-29°C) promotes soil germination. Maintaining temperature helps germination and health.  

1. Start Early and Warm Up

Use sterile, well-draining seed-starting mix to prevent infections and promote root growth. Diseases in garden soil harm seedlings.Wet seed-starting mix before planting. Wants moisture but not soaking. Put moistened mix in seed trays or pots to contact soil.  

2. Start seeds with premium mix  

After seeds germinate, provide enough light to avoid leggy plants. Growing lights 2-3 inches above seedlings or a sunny window provide 14-16 hours of light daily. As seedlings grow, move grow lights 2-3 inches apart for uniform light and rapid growth.  

3. Offer Enough Light

Water the soil regularly but not too much. Spray soil with a spray bottle to avoid seed displacement. Putting trays in shallow water lets soil absorb moisture from the bottom.  

4. Maintain Soil Humidity

Harden seedlings 1-2 weeks before outdoor transplanting. Allow a few hours outside everyday, gradually increasing direct sunlight and outdoor time.Transplant in sunny, well-draining soil. Composting improves soil. Depending on variety, transplant seedlings 18-24 inches apart indoors.  

5. Harden before transplanting

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