Sweet Delights: Navigating New York’s Cookie Scene for the Ultimate Indulgence

Zooies is in a gas station, which may confuse you. This is a cookie lover's paradise. Zooies' ooey-gooey hand-held treats are the city's best, made with love by chiropractor, acupuncturist, and herbologist Arezou Appel. 


Bring the tropics to your taste buds with Lei'd Cookies' delicious and unique cookies. Order by Thursday or Saturday at 10 p.m. for convenient pick-up to get the freshest batch. Make sure to try their gluten-free and vegan Guava Snickerdoodle.

Lei'd Cookies 

This beloved NYC cookie shop opened its first LA location in Larchmont Village. Launched in 1995 by Constance McDonald and Pamela Weekes, it sold freshly baked artisanal breads on New York's Upper West Side. 

Levain Bakery 

Cookie Good offers a variety of flavorful cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth. Cookie Good in Santa Monica is a West Side favorite for unique and delicious cookies.

Cookie Good 

Discover Paderia Bakehouse's multicultural cookies, where every bite tells a story. This Westwood bakehouse blends diverse flavors into its extra-thick cookies, making each bite memorable. 

Paderia Bakehouse 

Milk Jar Cookies combine classic recipes and comforting flavors. For cookie lovers, this cozy spot on Wilshire Blvd offers a delicious selection of freshly baked treats that taste like home.

Milk Jar Cookies 

Since 1952, this Whittier Blvd bakery has been a local favorite, serving Mexico-inspired cookies like powdered sugar-dusted Mexican wedding cookies and polvorones de canela.

La Mascota 

République's elegant, decadent cookies are a treat. République on La Brea Avenue is known for its exquisite pastries and desserts, including cookies that are culinary masterpieces.


Hollywood Boulevard's Friends & Family serves homemade goodness. This cozy bakery serves hugging cookies in the spirit of a home kitchen. Each bite brings back comforting flavors, from rye chocolate chip to their "Trouble" cookie.

Friends & Family 

Handcrafted cookies at Proof Bakery elevate your cookie experience. The Echo Park bakery is a haven for cookie lovers seeking the perfect flavor and texture. Everything at Proof Bakery is a work of art.

Proof Bakery 

Valerie Echo Park is a cozy, nostalgic place to enjoy cookies. This cozy bakery on Echo Park Avenue serves cookies that bring home comforts.

Valerie Echo Park 

Joan's on Third is famous for its chocolate chip cookies. Joan's on Third is a gourmet market on W 3rd Street that offers locals delicious food. Cookie lovers must try these chocolate chip cookies.

Joan's on Third 

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