See What a Sphinx Moth Caterpillar and Pupa Looks Like 

Hawk or hummingbird moths, or sphinx moths, are fascinating insects that undergo astonishing transformations. Check out a Sphinx moth caterpillar and pupa:  

Appearance: Sphinx moth caterpillars vary in size, colour, and pattern by species. Some species can grow to many inches.  

1. Sphinx Moth Caterpillar 

Body Features: The stripes, dots, and markings on these caterpillars help them hide in nature. Selected species feature horn-like head or tail projections.  

Feeding Patterns: Sphinx moth caterpillars devour plant leaves. They feed on many host plants and are versatile.  

Transformation: After the caterpillar stage, Sphinx moths pupate and become adults.  

2. Sphinx Moth Pupa

Pupal Appearance: Small, cylindrical sphinx moth pupae are smooth and elongated. They range from brown to tan according on species and climate.  

Habitat: In order to stay safe, pupae often hide in underground burrows, among leaf litter, or connected to plant stems or other structures.  

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