Proven Yoga Poses for Busy Moms to Aid Digestion 

Feet together or hip-width apart. Your four feet were ground. Move your shoulders away from your ears, draw your shoulder blades down, and lift your head.

Mountain Pose

Begin Mountain Pose. When you inhale, raise your arms, spread your fingers, and reach up. Exhale and sit back like a chair.

Chair Pose

Widen your feet 3–4 feet apart. Right heel out, toes inward. Rotate your left foot 90°. Right foot arch and left heel should match.

Triangle Pose

As you inhale, shift weight to your left foot and lift your right an inch. Put the foot on your shin or inner thigh with your right hand.

Tree Pose

Lay faceup with knees bent, feet flat, arms at sides, and palms down. Feet parallel and hip-width apart, heels under knees.

Bridge Pose

On the floor, bend knees and open them like a book. Join your feet while sitting up. Stretch your spine with fingertips on the floor behind you.

Bound Ankle Pose

Sit with your thighs on the floor and your legs straight out in front of you. Hip hinges lengthen the torso over the thighs. 

Seated Forward Fold

Starfish-like, lie faceup with your legs on the mat's edges. Flank your feet. Palms up, arms along sides. Rest and close your eyes.

Corpse Pose

Start Downward-Facing Dog. Shift forward to stack shoulders over wrists. Avoid hip drop by drawing your navel in toward your spine.

Plank Pose

Move from Plank Pose to tiptoes. Broaden your chest and grind your palms. Take a breath. Exhale and bend elbows 90 degrees. 

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

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