Pretty in Pink: 10 Shrubs With Pink Flowers

Pink-flowered bushes provide romance and color to any garden. These 10 pink-flowered bushes will enhance your outside space. Prepare to explore pink blossoms' magic!  

Their profuse clusters of pink blossoms make azaleas a spring beauty. These bushes grow in acidic soil and partial shade, brightening darkened gardens.  

1. Azalea

Weigela shrubs attract hummingbirds with their nectar-rich tubular pink flowers in late spring and early summer. They tolerate many soil and light conditions.  

2. Weigela

Hydrangeas like 'Endless Summer' and 'Nikko Blue' blossom pink depending on soil pH. Alkaline soil produces blue flowers, whereas acidic soil produces pink.  

3. Hydrangea

Summer pink blossoms on spuria plants create a beautiful garden appeal. Their ornamental value and ease of growth make them popular.  

4. Spirea

Many viburnum species, like Viburnum opulus 'Roseum,' generate snowball-shaped blossoms. The berries of these hardy plants attract birds.  

5. Viburnum

Although lilacs are usually purple, 'Katherine Havemeyer' and 'Miss Kim' have fragrant pink flowers. Lilacs are adored for their seductive aroma and nostalgia.  

6. Lilac

Evergreen camellias bloom in late winter to early spring with beautiful pink flowers and glossy leaves. They like acidic soil and shelter.

7. Camellia 

Butterfly bushes' tall spikes of pink, fragrant flowers attract pollinators. Easy to grow, drought-tolerant, and prolific bloomers from summer to fall.  

8. Butterfly Bush

Rose of Sharon shrubs have enormous, dramatic pink blooms with red centers. Their June to fall blooms add color to the season.  

9. Rose of Sharon

In late summer and fall, beautyberry plants yield clusters of tiny pink to purple berries, adding ornamental charm. They attract birds and animals.  

10. Beautyberry

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