Plant Gin Fizz Juniper for a Bush Bursting With Berries

The pretty "Gin Fizz" Juniper (Juniperus chinensis) boasts compact growth, attractive foliage, and many berries. These Gin Fizz Juniper planting and maintenance instructions guarantee berries:  

Choose a sunny to partially shaded planting spot. Gin Fizz Junipers tolerate sandy and clay soils but prefer well-draining soil.  

1. Choose the Right Location

Gin Fizz Juniper thrives throughout spring and fall. Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball and level the top with the soil. To level dirt around roots, backfill and water.  

2. Planting Time

Gin Fizz Junipers should be 3–5 feet apart, depending on planting density and coverage.  

3. Spacing

Water regularly, especially in the first growing season, to build strong roots. Established Gin Fizz Junipers are drought-tolerant but benefit from deep watering during dry months.  

4. Watering

To preserve moisture, discourage weeds, and protect roots from temperature changes, mulch the plant base with organic material.  

5. Mulching

Gin Fizz Juniper needs little trimming. Maintain a healthy appearance by removing dead, damaged, or crossing branches. Berry output can decrease with excessive trimming.  

6. Pruning

Gin Fizz Junipers have low feeder needs and rarely need fertilizer. If needed, use a balanced fertilizer in spring according to the package.  

7. Fertilization

Berry production is a highlight of Gin Fizz Juniper. The berries grow from green to a gorgeous blue-gray. They add beauty and attract birds to your garden.  

8. Berries

Gin Fizz Junipers need winter care, especially in harsh cold or snowfall. Winter damage can be prevented by mulching and burlapping the base.  

9. Winter Protection

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