Is Mistletoe Poisonous for People and Pets? 

Winter mistletoe signifies love and joy owing to holidays and festive decor. Remember that mistletoe can harm people and pets. Christmas safety and mistletoe danger are covered in this blog.  

Mistletoe poisons humans and animals. Mistletoe toxicity depends on kind and amount eaten. Viscotoxins and lectins in mistletoe can induce poisoning if taken in large amounts.  

Is Mistletoe Poisonous? 

– Nausea and vomiting – Abdominal pain and cramping – Diarrhea – Dizziness and confusion – Changes in heart rate and blood pressure – Skin irritation (if contact occurs)

Symptoms of Mistletoe Poisoning

Kids shouldn't touch mistletoe, especially the berries, which are more toxic than the leaves and branches. Inform family members about mistletoe intake risks. When decorating with mistletoe, make sure it's firmly affixed and out of reach.  

Precautions for People

Avoid actual mistletoe in pet-accessible locations. Instead, use fake mistletoe. In case of mistletoe intake, watch your dogs and take them to the vet. Learn about pet mistletoe poisoning symptoms and emergency response.  

Precautions for Pets

Holiday decorations might include artificial mistletoe or other non-toxic plants. Put real mistletoe decorations away from pets. Encourage kids and guests to admire mistletoe without touching it.  

Safe Alternatives

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