Hummingbird Sounds: Do Hummingbirds Sing? 

Hummingbirds make sounds, but not singing. Hummingbirds communicate mostly through vocalisations and wing noises.  


Hummingbirds have many sounds they can make, such as chirps, squeaks, and trills.   


People often use these sounds to talk to each other, especially when they are courting, defending their territory, or sounding an alarm.  

When they fly, hummingbirds also make noise with their wings.   

Wing Sounds 

Their name comes from the sound their fast wing beats make, which is like buzzing or humming.   

How fast these birds fly and the species they are can change how often these wing sounds happen.  

Even though hummingbirds' songs aren't as melodic as songbirds', they are still very interesting animals that have unique ways of talking to each other and the other animals in their surroundings.  


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