How to Recycle Pumpkins for Birds and Wildlife 

Readers Share Ideas for Recycling Pumpkins for Wildlife

You may have a pumpkin or two about your house for Halloween. They make beautiful fall decorations, but don't throw them away after carving and trick-or-treating.  

Share Pumpkin Seeds with Bird

Many people roast and eat pumpkin seeds themselves, but you can also share them with birds. Larger backyard birds like blue jays love pumpkin seeds, too. 

Turn Your Pumpkin into a Bird Feeder

As suggested by a Birds & Blooms reader, cut off the top half of the pumpkin and fill the bottom half with birdseed. Place outside for the birds to enjoy. 

Feed the Squirrel

“I cut them open so the squirrels can eat the seeds and will stay away from my bird feeders for a while,” says reader Mike Froio of Rome, New York. 

Share Pumpkins with Butterflie

Butterfly gardens should include pumpkin flesh and pulp in warmer climates. Cut into small pieces and place in a shallow dish for fruit-loving red-spotted purple butterflies.  

Cut Up Pumpkins for Wildlife

You can also feed animals and bunnies pumpkin slices. Place the cut-up pumpkin where you can see the animals that eat it.  

Feed Carved Pumpkins to Chicken

This unusual treat will delight backyard fowl. Do this while your pumpkin is fresh and mold-free. Chickens like pumpkin seeds.  

DIY Dog Treat

“I cut pumpkins into strips and dehydrate them for dog treats,” says Sue Adams of Black Diamond, Washington. 

Donate Extras to a Local Charity

Marjorie Cohen of Worcester, Massachusetts, feeds animals at her local Audubon Society after chopping her pumpkins in half to avoid getting their heads caught. 

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