How to Propagate Succulents (for More Free Plants!)

In Petaluma, California, Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery inventory director Aaron Ryan says stem or leaf cuttings are easy to distribute or grow succulents. Though year-round, succulents thrive in warm, humid weather. Aaron offers stem or leaf propagation for succulents.  

Tool sterilization is crucial. “Avoid using filthy instruments since bacteria and viruses can spread between plants. 

Gather Supplies First

Aaron claims multi-branching succulents can root any size stem. Cut below a growth node and remove superfluous leaves, leaving two or three at the top. “The plant needs leaves to feed itself, but unnecessary leaves may drain rooting energy. 

Make the Cut

Aaron claims a few leaves can grow several luscious rosettes. Pick healthy, thick leaves toward the base. Grab each leaf at the stem and peel it down to completely detach it. 

Peel a Leaf

In bright, airy, humid places away from direct sunshine and heat, cuttings root well. Rooting may start after two weeks depending on the species. Pull your cutting gently after four weeks to check for rooting.  

Find the Right Location

Water cuttings regularly until they root, but don't overwater. Watering seldom but deeply. “Let the soil dry between watering.” Is donkey's tail succulent invasive? You should know. 

Water Just the Right Amount

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