How to Propagate Clematis From Cuttings in 6 Easy Steps 

Choose a healthy plant to propagate initially. Choose a variety you wish to manufacture more of. A “cutting swap” with clematis-growing friends or neighbors might provide everyone new kinds to cultivate and enjoy.

Choose Your Vine

Remove a 2-3-foot vine portion above a leaf node or junction with sharp scissors or pruners. The stem should be placed in a cup of water or wrapped in a wet paper towel after being sliced to reduce shock.

Take and Prepare Several Cutting

Put a little powdered rooting hormone on a dish or tray. Avoid contamination by not dipping cuttings straight into the rooting hormone container.  

Apply Rooting Hormone

These cuttings root well in soil, especially a good potting mix. Rooting vine tip cuttings in water is possible but not optimal. Make sure your pots are ready before taking cuttings.

Plant the Cutting

Use room-temperature water to moisten the pot's soil evenly but not completely. The stems must remain wet while rooting. They cannot root if let to dry out.

Keep The Soil Moist

Keep cuttings warm. Put them in some light, but not direct sunshine. Check cutting pots daily. Keep them moist and avoid drying.

Wait For Roots To Develop

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