How to Prepare and Prune Roses for Winter 

Winter pruning is necessary for healthy rose development and brilliant blooms in spring. Here are five techniques to prune and prepare roses for winter:  

Clean up dirt, leaves, and dead plants around your rose bushes. Pests and fungal diseases are less likely to overwinter.  

1. Clean Up Around the Base

Dead, diseased, or damaged rose bush wood should be removed. Cut cleanly above a healthy bud at 45 degrees with strong pruning shears.  

2. Prune Dead or Diseased Wood

Cut your roses' taller stems and canes by one-third to half. This shields plants from winter winds and snowfall.  

3. Reduce Height for Winter Protection

Organic mulch like shredded bark or compost should be applied around each rose bush. Mulch retains moisture, insulates, and regulates soil temperature.  

4. Apply Mulch for Insulation

Burlap or frost cloth can protect rose bushes in harsh winters. Secure the cover to protect the plants from frost.  

5. Protect Against Extreme Cold

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