How To Lose Weight Fast With Turmeric and Chia Seeds

Fiber and protein can quell hunger by making people feel fuller longer. Additionally, chia seeds are a low-calorie, nutrient-dense snack at 138 calories per serving.

Scientists have only recently begun studying chia seeds' weight loss potential. Some of these studies are promising, but lack conclusive evidence.

Two groups lost the same amount of weight after 12 weeks. In the chia group, researchers found significant weight loss. 

Those who were obese at the beginning of the study lost a greater amount of weight than those who were not as overweight.

Furthermore, individuals in the chia group with abnormal baseline cholesterol levels at study's conclusion had significantly improved levels.

On average, the individuals who refrained from consuming chia lost 0.3 kg, or 0.66 lbs. The average weight loss for chia eaters was 1.9 kg, or 4.19 lb. 

They might encourage weight loss in those who follow a low-calorie diet, though there is conflicting data to support this.

To determine how chia seeds affect weight loss and general health, more thorough and well-designed research is required.

A few links to researchconsumption of omega-3 fatty acids is linked to a lower risk of depression, IBD, and allergies in children.

We're still in the early stages of researching chia seeds' possible health benefits. More superior quality clinical trials are required.

Raw chia seeds are edible and some people like them. Many chia seed studies used high doses, equivalent to multiple servings.

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