How to Grow and Care for Heath Aster Plants 

What Do Heath Aster Flowers Look Like

My husband insists this is a weed, but I don’t think it is. It appeared last summer. What is it?” asks Birds & Blooms reader Myrna Harris of Swedesboro, New Jersey. 

Heath Aster Growing Tips and Benefit

As the reader's plant above appeared one summer, heath aster is easy to grow. As Melinda said, this perennial thrives in full sun and dry soils and flowers beautifully late in the season. 

What Is a Heath Aster

Wildflowers like white heath asters grow shrubby. It matures at 12–36 inches tall and 12–18 inches broad. It inhabits rocky places, gravel road and rail beds, and grassy prairies or “heaths.”  


It’s easy to propagate these plants from seed, soft stem cuttings, transplants, or division. 

From Seed

You can purchase seeds or harvest them from a friend’s plant. However, hybrids are not likely to produce replicas of a parent, so be prepared for surprises. 

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