How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew

Gardeners can be plagued with powdery mildew, but there are various effective treatments. Here are five simple powdery mildew removal methods:  

Plant leaves or portions with powdery mildew should be pruned first. This stops the virus from spreading by removing its source.  

1. Prune Infected Leaves

Humid and stagnant environments favor powdery mildew. Space your plants and remove any obstacles to improve ventilation.  

2. Increase Air Circulation

Powdery mildew can be controlled with neem oil. Follow the product label instructions to mix it with water and spray it on afflicted plants.  

3. Apply Neem Oil

Spray your plants with a baking soda-water mix (1 tablespoon per gallon). This alkaline solution inhibits powdery mildew.  

4. Use Baking Soda Solution

Powdery mildew is controlled using sulfur-based fungicides. Overapplication can harm plants, so follow package directions.  

5. Apply Sulfur-Based Fungicides

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