How To Get Bluebirds To Stay In Your Yard – The Secrets To Attracting Bluebirds! 

Bluebirds' bright colors and joyful songs make them great yard additions. Attracting them demands the correct environment and resources. Five simple methods to make your yard a bluebird sanctuary:  

Dimensions: 5x5 floor with 1.5-inch entrance hole. Height and Place: Install the box 4-6 feet above ground in an open place away from winds. Maintenance: Clean boxes after each brood to promote reuse.  

1. Install the Perfect Nest Boxes

Mealworms: Serve live or dried mealworms in a shallow dish or feeder. Berries: Holly, dogwood, and serviceberry are native berry plants. Avoid pesticides: Avoid insecticides to maintain insect populations.  

2. Offer a Variety of Foods

Baths for birds: Make a clean, shallow bird bath at ground level or on a pedestal. Flowing Water: A little fountain or dripper in the bird bath attracts bluebirds.  

3. Supply Fresh Water  

Predator Guards: Install predator guards on nest boxes to deter snakes, raccoons, and other predators. Perches: Make fences or tree branches safe for bluebirds to observe for predators.  

4. Ensure a Safe Environment

Native Plants: Put in natural plants that feed and shelter the ecology. Open Areas: Keep lawns and meadows open for bluebirds.  

5. Grow Bluebird-Friendly Gardens  

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