Grow Lesser Calamint, the Perennial Plant of the Year 

Lesser Calamint (Calamintha nepeta), the Perennial Plant of the Year, is appreciated for its fragrant foliage, abundant blooms, and easy maintenance. This post provides six simple ways to grow this attractive perennial in your yard.  

Choose a sunny to somewhat shady garden spot for Lesser Calamint. Since this plant likes moderate moisture, make sure the soil is well-draining and rich.  

1. Choose the Right Location

Loosen the soil to 6-8 inches before planting. Remove weeds and debris that could compete with the plant.  

2. Prepare Planting Area

Dig a hole slightly larger than the Lesser Calamint root ball. Set the plant in the hole with the root ball level with the earth. Fill the hole with soil and pat it down to remove air pockets.  

3. Planting Lesser Calamint

To settle the dirt around the roots, thoroughly water the newly planted Lesser Calamint. Prevent soil moisture loss, especially during plant establishment. Mulch plant bases to retain moisture and suppress weeds.  

4. Watering and Mulching

To encourage flowering, trim discarded blooms regularly. Cut back foliage in early spring to promote new growth and tidy up. Lesser Calamint is low-maintenance, but pests and diseases must be dealt immediately.  

5. Pruning and Maintenance

Lesser Calamint has aromatic foliage and clusters of small, tubular blooms from summer to fall. Plant of the Year perennials attract pollinators and beautify yards.  

6. Enjoying Your Lesser Calamint

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