Gardening Basics: Secrets From the Garden Center

Don't be afraid to buy flowers and shrubs at the garden store. Industry experts explain the basics of farming so that you can have a better time shopping. 

Do your work ahead of time before leaving. The marketing head for English Gardens in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Jennifer Youngquest, says that you should sign up for the store's newsletters. It's full of ideas, new goods, and deals, and many garden centers send them out by mail or email. 

Do Your Homework and Come Prepared

You get exclusive deals and information by joining a store's garden club or e-newsletter. If you receive the newsletter, read it more. Discount coupons like $10 off $50 are offered. It also helps you learn about the store's layout and policies. 

Lisa Pasquesi of Chicago's Pasquesi Home & Gardens recommends online study before buying. A plant finder on many garden center websites lets clients browse the database, narrow their choices, and save time. A few mouse clicks can customize your yard plant purchase. 

Use Technology to Save Money

Finally, visit the garden center. With so many tempting new plants for your yard, choose wisely. It may seem intuitive, but pros say not everyone reads labels before buying. Stores offer beautiful potted plants, but be sure they meet your growing conditions and area before adding them to your cart. 

Choose the Right Plants for Your Landscape

Certain plants should be purchased in modest quantities and as needed. Purchase a few tomatoes if you want them. Buy perennials in small pots instead of gallon ones. They cost half as much and catch up in your garden in a season. 

Be kind to staff—it's crucial. Talking to someone with similar interests will help you spot discounts. Ask the staff about your garden and they may give you local secrets. Plus, it's wonderful to see pleasant faces when you shop. 

Get to Know the Staff

While talking, ask a staff person about store delivery times. Jennifer suggests asking about new items and plant arrivals. “Most stores have a shipment schedule, so you get first choice. If requested, they will call you when they come, she says. 

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