Essential Mediterranean Superfoods That Help Better Digestion

Sauerkraut and other fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that make them easier to digest, and their prebiotic fibers feed your colon's microbes.

Speed Digestion With Sauerkraut

Black, navy, and kidney beans make meeting the daily goal easy. Navy beans contain 19 g of fiber per cup, according to the USDA.

Get Loads of Fiber From Bean

A June 2021 American Journal of Gastroenterology study found that two kiwis a day relieved constipation better than prunes or psyllium.

2 Kiwi a Day Keeps Constipation Away

The gut is full of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. What you feed your gut microbiome affects its delicate balance of microorganisms.

Reap the Gut-Friendly Benefits of Yogurt

The study also found that curcumin regulates gut microbiota, relieves IBD, and reduces inflammation that may cause colon cancer.

Soothe Your Tummy With Tumeric

Ginger, a Japanese condiment and traditional Asian remedy for tummy aches and nausea, is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, making it another good digestion food.

Eat Some Ginger to Improve Digestion

Natural remedies for indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome include peppermint.

Ease Indigestion With Stomach-Soothing Peppermint

Must-Know Facts About Lemon Honey Water and Digestion 

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