Essential German Diet Dishes You Have To Try

Bread, either a loaf or a small, crusty roll, is eaten nationwide and served with most German dishes. 

Brot & Brötchen 

Käsespätzle, a southwestern German dish, layers small Spätzle pasta with grated cheese and fried onion. It usually comes with salad or applesauce.


Currywurst is sold from stalls and fast food restaurants in many towns and cities, and Berlin is famous for it.


Parboiled potato chunks or chips are fried with onion and bacon to make bratkartoffeln, which are more like sauté or hashed potatoes. 

Kartoffelpuffer & Bratkartoffeln 

Rouladen is a non-regional dish enjoyed by families during holidays and celebrations. France is its alleged origin, hence the name.


This dish is typical German bar, restaurant, and fast food food. Schnitzel and fries are a popular and satisfying meal.


Eintopf is enjoyed nationwide, but its flavors and ingredients vary by region. It is one of the easiest German recipes and usually served as a family meal.


Usually veal, beef, or pork are marinated for days or weeks. Germany and German-speaking countries have it.


Although the origin of the Brezel is disputed, many Christians have used the knot shape to symbolize the holy trinity in their celebrations.


Black Forest Gateaux, a tasty cake. Layered chocolate sponge with cherries, jam, and cream. The Black Forest in southwest Germany is its origin.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte 

Wurst is obvious. Around 1,500 sausage varieties are made in Germany. There are many ways to make these with different ingredients and spice blends. 


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