Easy Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan for Beginner

Today's useful cooking tip: Making dinner on a sheet pan is a quick and easy way to eat well without having to do a lot of cleaning. For easy meals during the week, check out more of our sheet-pan dinners.

Day 1

Tip of the Day: Making your own salad dressing is often cheaper and better for you than buying it at the store. Check out our easy recipe for making a tasty dressing at home.

Day 2

If you're having trouble getting breakfast in, try making oats the night before. They're quick, healthy, and great for busy mornings when you need to eat on the go.

Day 3

Every day's helpful cooking tip is that canned beans are quick and easy to add to any meal. They make you feel full because they have a lot of fiber and protein. To get less salt, rinse dried beans.

Day 4

Tip of the Day: If you plan your meals ahead of time at the start of the week, you can eat well during the week even when you're busy or in the evenings. We have a guide for people who are new to meal prep that can help you out.

Day 5

Cooking Tip of the Day: Eating tiny snacks throughout the day helps you stay on track with your health goals by preventing hunger. Snack on fiber-rich fruits and vegetables or protein-rich yogurt or nuts to keep full.

Day 6

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