Does a Lily Flower Have Special Meaning? 

Lilies have many meanings and symbolism based on hue and culture. Common meanings for different lilies:  

White flowers symbolize purity, innocence, and spirituality. These are often used in religious events to symbolize Mary's purity in Christianity.  

1. White Lily

The Christian Easter Lily, Lilium longiflorum, symbolizes resurrection and renewal. At Easter, it symbolizes hope and new beginnings.  

2. Easter Lily

Tiger lilies are orange with black speckles. Wealth and pride are represented by them. In certain traditions, they symbolize passion and desire.  

3. Tiger Lily

Calla lilies represent purity, elegance, and sophistication. Weddings use them to symbolize marital joy and love purity.  

4. Calla Lily

Different-colored Asiatic lilies symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and abundance. They are great for gardening and floral displays.  

5. Asiatic Lily

Stargazer lilies boast spectacular look and intense smell. They represent aim, success, and achievement. Appreciation and encouragement are common uses.  

6. Stargazer Lily

Lilies represent friendship, loyalty, and devotion. They are adaptable and multicolored, making them suited for numerous events and emotions.  

7. Daylily

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