Discover The  Cleanest Animals With The Best Hygiene Habits

Cats are usually associated with cleanliness, while pigs are not. Owners of cats know that they are among the cleanest animals in the world and are always groomed. 


Rabbits are cute, furry creatures that clean themselves like pigs and cats. Rabbits avoid defecating near their sleeping and eating areas to maintain hygiene.


Besides enjoying cleanliness, polar bears clean themselves for practical reasons. Polar bears need all the help they can get to survive in the Arctic.

Polar Bears

It may seem unlikely, but water creatures can be dirty. Polluted oceans make marine animals' lives unsanitary. Some ocean creatures clean themselves with rituals.


Like smaller cats, tigers like cleanliness. They like water baths, unlike domestic cats. They swim to cool and clean off when not resting.


Despite their reputation for filth and disease, rats are one of the cleanest animals on Earth. Actually, rats groom themselves more than cats.


Ants are insanely clean. They clean themselves with oily saliva. Carefully cleaning antennae is necessary for communication and food source detection.


Hamsters value cleanliness, as you may have seen them pull and comb their fur. Hamsters are among the cleanest animals, matching cats.


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