Ask the Experts: Growing and Harvesting Potatoes 

What are some important things to think about when picking potato types that will grow well in different temperatures and soils?  

Could you tell me how to get the earth ready before planting potatoes so that I get a good harvest?  

How should potatoes be planted? What are the best spacing, depth, and timing?  

How should potato plants be cared for during the growing season to make sure they grow well and produce the most?  

What are some common diseases and pests that hurt potato plants, and how can farmers get rid of them?  

Are there any signs that potatoes are ready to be picked? When is the best time to pick them?  

Can you tell me how to gather potatoes so that they don't get damaged and store them best?  

What are the best ways to store potatoes after they've been gathered to keep them fresh longer and keep them from going bad?  

Are there any new or different ways to grow potatoes that you think experienced gardeners who want to try something new should try?  

Did I miss anything? Finally, do you have any more tips or advice for first-time gardeners who want to grow potatoes?  

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