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Dried flowers are trendy. Use a trendy Urban Stems bouquet like this purple and burgundy one to decorate.  

Urban Stems The Juneau

Wide, thin green banana leaves on this fake plant look even tastier in person. It fits that sad corner you can never decorate at three feet tall. 

Project 62 36" x 26" Artificial Travelers Banana Leaf in Pot

If "sparse" comes to mind when you hear "fake plants," you haven't met it. To add whimsy, drape 100 faux leaves off your favorite table or shelf.

Pottery Barn Faux Trailing Variegated String Of Hearts Houseplant

This American aloe plant impression will calm any low-light bathroom, according to a fake plant skeptic who "love the realistic look". 

CB2 Faux Maguey Pick 15"

Like me, real orchids need a lot of care and are specific. If you want their colorful flowers and long, elegant stems, try this faux version.

Oka Small Faux Planted Phalaenopsis Gigantea Orchid

Because she is so colorful and sculpturally arranged, this little baby will be the center of attention wherever you decide to place her.

West Elm Faux Potted Snake Plant

One of our favorite baby succulents is included here because I couldn't resist including it.

West Elm Faux Potted Echeveria Succulent Plant

Finding a fake plant with large leaves that doesn't appear suspicious is challenging. Dark green makes this one hard to spot.

Valerie Parr Hill 5' Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree

Billowy leaves and cascading shape make Boston ferns popular. This provides the same effect without maintenance. 

Nearly Natural Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket

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