Are American Pokeweed Berries Poisonous? 

American pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) berries are toxic. Pokeweed leaves, roots, and berries include saponins, phytolaccatoxin, and phytolaccigenin. Poisons can cause diarrhea, CNS impairment, and respiratory failure.  

The berries are tasty to birds but harmful to humans and pets. Pokeweed berries can poison children and pets, therefore accidental eating should be regarded seriously.To avoid accidental poisoning:

To avoid eating pokeweed by mistake, learn to tell the difference between the plants and the berries.  

1. Identification

Pokeweed berries are poisonous, so teach kids and pet owners about them and keep them out of reach.  

2. Keep Away from Children and Pets

If you have pokeweed plants in your yard or garden, you might want to carefully pull them out, making sure to remove the roots as well, so they don't spread and expose other people by chance.  

3. Remove Pokeweed Plants

Wear gloves when you're taking care of pokeweed plants to keep your skin from getting irritated or exposed to toxins.  

4. Wear Gloves

Throw away pokeweed plants and berries in a safe way so that animals or pets that are curious can't get to them.  

5. Dispose Properly

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