9 Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Flowers 

Red, white, and blue are appropriate for patriotic gardens. Red, white, and blue flowers create a patriotic display. Nine red, white, and blue flowers for celebrations and pride.  

Classic, low-maintenance red geraniums bloom profusely in vivid red. Your garden will look patriotic with them in borders, containers, or hanging baskets.  

1. Red Geraniums

White shasta daisies with yellow centers like joyful sunbursts. Summer blooming makes them perfect for mixed borders or cutting gardens.  

2. White Shasta Daisies 

Blue hydrangeas are beautiful shrubs with clusters of blue flowers. They thrive in acidic soil and moderate shade, making them lovely garden plants or potted plants.  

3. Blue Hydrangeas

Red roses of varying colors represent love and passion. Place them in the sun to enjoy their fragrant blossoms all summer, excellent for patriotic celebrations.  

4. Red Roses

White petunias are versatile annuals that bloom profusely and gracefully hang from containers or baskets. They look great with red and blue flowers in patriotic arrangements.  

5. White Petunias 

Delphiniums, huge perennials with spiky blue flowers, provide drama to garden borders. In red, white, and blue floral arrangements, they attract pollinators and stand out.  

6. Blue Delphiniums 

Bright red poppies have delicate petals and black cores. They love sunny spots and bring patriotism to meadow gardens and wildflower patches.  

7. Red Poppies

Elegant, fragrant white lilies with trumpet-shaped blossoms signify purity and rebirth. In well-draining soil, they look beautiful in garden beds or bouquets.  

8. White Lilies 

Bachelor's buttons, commonly known as cornflowers, are beautiful annuals with bright blue petals and long blooming periods. They draw butterflies and bees to the garden and grow easily from seeds.  

9. Blue Bachelor's Buttons

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