9 Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Flower

Fourth of July gardens honor the red, white, and blue. Simple: fill your favorite planter or pot with colorful flowers. Or create flag-themed flowerbeds with red, white, and blue flowers. We also explain why we chose each plant for our patriotic flower list. Ka-bloom! 

This lacy white perennial is popular because it can withstand a severe shower but looks delicate in your environment. This easygoing plant attracts butterflies from summer to October and thrives in full light. 

1. Shasta Daisie

High blue flower stalks will beautify your yard. Deadheading keeps this early summer perennial vibrant. Bees and butterflies love its nectar. This plant—especially the sprouts—is hazardous to pets.  

2. Dasante Blue Larkspur

These bright blossoms attract butterflies all season. The small shrub is covered in spherical red roses with creamy golden centers. Shrub roses can decorate a white picket fence or line a path. 

3. Caramba Shrub Rose

Bring the sun! The vibrant daisies thrive in bright sunlight and tolerate heat. With true-blue petals, buttery yellow cores stand out. Mature ones reach 12 inches tall. 

4. Cape Town Blue Daisy

When planted near a pond or water garden, this perennial shines in red, white, and blue flower gardens. No hummingbird or butterfly can resist its scarlet blossoms. Water it often during its first growth season to help it root. 

5. Fan Scarlet Lobelia

A shade-loving annual that blooms pearly white in spring and fall will beat the heat. This impatiens thrives even without watering, and butterflies pause at the huge, spherical blooms. 

6. Beacon Impatien

Plant these award-winning five-pointed diamonds to honor the flag. This sunny annual complements red, white, and blue flowers in a planter, pot, or window box. Try growing different colors in one pot. 

7. Beth’s Blue Star Flower

This long-blooming Royal Candles spike speedwell stands out in red, white, and blue flower gardens with its deep purplish blue stem and light-green unopened buds. It grows nicely in medium soil and sunny/partly shady areas. 

8. Royal Candles Spike Speedwell

Put this candy-red annual in your favorite hanging basket for season-long display. Window boxes and landscape beds suit Tukana Scarlet Star. Expect a surge of hungry butterflies. 

9. Tukana Scarlet Star Verbena

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