8 Pretty Pink Daffodil Varieties to Plant Right Now 

Daffodils are known for their cheerful blooms and brilliant colors. Pink daffodils, rarer than yellow ones, beautify spring gardens. Plant eight pink daffodils in your garden now for spring beauty.  

Pink Charm daffodils radiate romance with their exquisite pink cups and white petals. They bloom mid-spring and are great for borders and containers.  

1. Pink Charm Daffodil

Pink Silk daffodils have creamy white petals and pastel pink cups. The early bloomers give elegance to spring flower beds and bouquets.  

2. Pink Silk Daffodil 

Daffodils with double petals and ruffled pink and white petals look like little roses. They make great cut flowers in mid- to late spring.  

3. Replete Daffodil 

Large, frilly pink cups and white petals with yellow centers distinguish Salome daffodils. These mid-spring bloomers beautify garden borders and rock gardens.  

4. Salome Daffodil

Pink Pride daffodils have white petals with yellow cores and gentle pink cups. They thrive in woodlands and meadows and bloom mid-to-late spring.  

5. Pink Pride Daffodil

Pink Pom Pom daffodils have double blossoms with frilly pink cups and white petals. Mid-spring blooms lend playfulness to gardens and containers.  

6. Pink Pom Pom Daffodil 

Replete Double-flowered pink daffodils with blush pink cups and white petals. Their mid-spring blooms bring beauty to spring floral displays.  

7. Replete Pink Daffodil

Pink Paradise daffodils have pale pink cups and white petals with faint yellow cores. Mid-spring blooms add tranquility and elegance to garden beds.  

8. Pink Paradise Daffodil

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