8 Nutty and Fun Facts About Squirrel

Find out more about the animals with bushy tails that live in your backyard. Your affection for these fluffy critters will grow even stronger after you learn these interesting facts about squirrels. 

People know that squirrels are always looking for food and storing it away... and they also steal! They lose 25% of their food because birds and other rats steal it. 

1. Squirrels Steal Food From Each Other

On January 21, celebrate National Squirrel Appreciation Day. See these 13 hilarious squirrel photos. See also these 15 fun squirrel gifts for squirrel fans. 

2. Enjoy a Special Squirrel Holiday

In 1877, a few of these naughty animals were released in New York's Central Park. Since then, the number has grown. 

3. Squirrels in the Big Apple

They can run 20 miles per hour, which is pretty fast for a squirrel. Check out these 7 great bird feeder squirrel traps. 

4. Squirrel Top Speed

More squirrel trivia—they should have an action movie contract. Their 180-degree rear foot rotation allows them to reach seemingly inaccessible bird feeders like superheroes. 

5. Squirrel Feet Are Surprisingly Flexible 

The world's 285 types of squirrel can be broken down into three main groups: ground, tree, and flying. Take a look at our review of the Squirrel-Buster Plus cage. 

6. Not All Squirrels Are the Same Specie

A lot of different kinds of gray squirrels can jump 8 feet from ground level. Find out how to make the best environment for wildlife in your backyard. 

7. How High Can Squirrels Jump?

The four front teeth of a squirrel grow about 10 inches a year. (They stay short when you gnaw.) 

8. Squirrel Teeth Keep Growing

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