8 Fascinating Dragonfly Facts You Should Know 

Dragonflies have enthralled humans for years with their colourful wings, fast flying, and predatory abilities. Eight amazing facts about dragonflies demonstrate their flexibility and ecological importance.  

Dragonfly fossils date back over 300 million years. They were one of the oldest insect species, predating dinosaurs.  

1. Ancient Inhabitants

Dragonflies may fly up, down, backwards, and even hover. They can move quickly and precisely due to their flight muscles.  

2. Master Fliers

Their millions of microscopic lenses give them virtually 360-degree vision in their enormous compound eyes. Their colour vision, movement detection, and polarised light perception make them efficient hunters.  

3. Eyesight Wonders

Dragonflies hunt well. They catch mosquitoes, flies, and other small insects in flight. Their spiny legs and strong mandibles help them eat.  

4. Predatory Tactics

Dragonflies develop incompletely from egg to nymph to adult. Adults hunt aerially, but nymphs are fierce underwater predators.  

5. Metamorphosis Marvels

Dragonflies are among the fastest insects, flying up to 30 mph (48 km/h). Their agility and speed make them good hunters and predator avoiders.  

6. Impressive Speed

Dragonflies have beautiful colours and designs. Their iridescent wings and bodies make them beautiful in nature, from metallic blues and greens to brilliant reds and yellows.  

7. Colorful Diversity

Dragonflies suffer from habitat changes, especially water quality. Their existence or absence can indicate freshwater ecosystem health, making them useful bioindicators for environmental conservation.  

8. Indicator Species

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