7 O’Clock Morning Mediterranean Diet Breakfasts for Busy People

In this healthy breakfast that only takes five minutes to prepare, it's like egg salad and avocado toast had a baby.

Egg Salad Avocado Toast 

This healthy smoothie is greener with kale and avocado. This creamy smoothie contains heart-healthy fiber and omega-3s from chia seeds.

Really Green Smoothie 

This tasty, easy, and healthy breakfast toast has creamy mascarpone, mixed berries, and mint.

Mascarpone & Berries Toast 

Original power couple: peanut butter and banana. Combine the two on a toasted English muffin and sprinkle with ground cinnamon for a healthy breakfast.

Peanut Butter-Banana English Muffin 

Sometimes simple is best. That's possible at breakfast. These simple oatmeal recipes teach you how to make creamy, tender oats every time. 

Quick-Cooking Oats 

This avocado toast recipe is elevated by burrata, making it a decadent but manageable weekday breakfast option.

Avocado Toast with Burrata 

If you have leftover ricotta cheese, this breakfast is fantastic and only takes five minutes to prepare.

Pistachio & Peach Toast 

Using this simple breakfast, you can get your day started off right by consuming whole grains, fiber, and protein.

Muesli with Raspberries 

Fiber-rich and creamy mashed avocado and white beans go well with crispy toast. Use it for breakfast or a snack.

White Bean & Avocado Toast 

Like yogurt, kefir contains gut-friendly probiotics. Less carbs and a more drinkable consistency make it ideal for smoothies.

Berry-Mint Kefir Smoothies 

For a healthy breakfast on the go, make a big batch of these 3-ingredient crepes to freeze. In a store-bought crepe, ricotta adds protein and berries add sweetness and fiber.

Ricotta-Berry Crepes 

KETO Tuna Soup Recipes for Cozy Evenings 

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