6 Watermelon Varieties You Can Grow This Season 

Allsweet like a picnic watermelon. It thrives in long growing seasons because to disease resistance.This cultivar yields 25-30-pound rectangular fruits with dark and light green stripes. .


‘Charleston Gray’ is a renowned heirloom that produces enormous cylindrical fruit with homogeneous greenish-gray skin. This open-pollinated picnic cultivar, sometimes known as ‘Charleston Grey,’ has crisp,  

Charleston Gray

Many gardeners choose open-pollinated picnic-type heirloom ‘Crimson Sweet’ because it's tasty, productive, and disease-resistant.

Crimson Sweet

Gardeners think of rattlesnake skin when they see ‘Georgia Rattlesnake’'s huge, rectangular fruits with light green skin and dark green stripes.

Georgia Rattlesnake

The open-pollinated heirloom ‘Klondike Blue Ribbon Striped’ has been a garden favorite since the early 1900s for its sweet flesh. Oblong melons up to 20-30 pounds are produced by this picnic cultivar.

Klondike Blue Ribbon Striped

The open-pollinated, disease-resistant heritage watermelon ‘Sweet Princess’ produces 20-30-pound rectangular fruits.

Sweet Prince

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