6 Plants You Should Bring in for Winter 

The low-growing plants branch freely with usually white flowers which are honey-scented. The compact plant looks like a carpet of flowers. 


Branching annual with numerous flowering spikes, mostly of crimson or white color. Many other colorful varieties of Snapdragon are used for bedding and pot culture. 


China Aster is an excellent cut flower. The flower heads come in many different sizes, types & colors. 


The flowers vary from straw color to deep orange. This single or double flowering plant is useful for bedding, potting & for window boxes. 


A hardy annual with slender branches & attractive long spikes of flowers. It can be grown as a pot plant. 


Double or single fragrant, colorful flowers are born at the top of the branches in rounded clusters. The plant is suitable for beds, borders, rock gardens, or window boxes. 


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