6 Winter Root Vegetables For Fresh Produce All Season 

Our family loves carrots (pun intended, because carrot cake is so amazing). Fresh, garden-grown carrots are unmatched. A good frost sweetens them, satisfying any sweet tooth!


Fill a pail with clean sand and bury carrots layer by layer. Remove as needed and scrub before eating. Sand should be dampened, say some.

Storing Carrots 

We prefer classic red beet cultivars like ‘Red Ace’ and ‘Boro’ since germination rates are more constant, although golden and Chioggia beets are great if you have space!


These can be refrigerated unwashed, unpeeled, and greens removed in an airtight container like carrots. They should last 2-3 months.Beets can be blanched and frozen for extended storage.  

Storing Beets 

Onions are pretty much a kitchen staple in our household. Every good stir-fry, soup, and meatloaf begins with sautéed onions! 


Onions must be cured in a dark, well-ventilated, dry place before storing. This can be done in a garage on rafters, on a greenhouse drying rack under shade cloth, or in a dark room.

Storing Onions 

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